Our position on the Covid-19 crisis 

The regulations around Covid-19 are changing.

From this Sunday March 27th we will no longer need to scan in.

We will increase our Gathering size to 200.

This service will be vaccine pass checked.

The following week, April 6th, the vaccine pass will NOT be required.

We have all been through a difficult season, some more so than others. Our hope is that our unity and grace will carry us through the next season too.

We are committed to listening as we discern the way forward. If you would like to be heard please email Rob at rob@rdpc.org.nz, or Cate at cate@rdpc.org.nz.

Although we might feel division and hear sensational words and claims that unsettle us, let us know in the deeper parts that our unity and our peace are not based on our circumstance, but are found in our shared belief in Jesus Christ as Lord.

This unsettled season of life has meant some difficult decisions have been made. No one is happy with our situation. We are committed to listening and reviewing our plan as we negotiate this season together.