Rebuild of St John's

After the fire of 2017 which burnt down St John's Church the vacant site was put to good use by skateboarders. However, construction is now under way for a new church complex which is due to be completed in the 2nd half of 2021.

IMG_4678 Cropped.jpg
Concrete pour.jpg

The Builders are back on site today (Mon 11 Jan 2021) after having a break over Christmas. We are excited to see the next stages being build over the next couple of months.

Follow this link to see the latest image from our time-lapse camera:

The church building committee has been working on the rebuild since early 2018. The design plans were prepared by DCA Architects and specialist engineering firms were consulted about such aspects as acoustics, audio-visual requirements and materials specifications.

Artist's impressions of the new building

New Church Auditorium.jpg

The Auditorium

New Church hub.jpg

The Hub area

New Church Plan.png

Building plan - showing the Auditorium, Kitchen & Hub, meeting rooms and offices