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The Rotorua District Presbyterian Church (RDPC) consists of three worshipping congregations in and around the Rotorua area: St John's, St David's and Ngakuru Community Church. It also supports Trinity, a community centre based in Ngongotaha.  RDPC has a creative and cooperative structure that enables each congregation to retain its integrity and ethos.


The structure of RDPC is designed to strengthen, grow and increase the effectiveness of its constituent congregations. Each congregation has a Leadership Team which facilitates and determines the mission life of that congregation.

RDPC map schematic.png

The connection between the various RDPC congregations is the RDPC Council. The Council is made up of members from the various congregational Leadership Teams and church ministries. The Council is responsible for managing RDPC resources such as staff, finances and facilities.


The RDPC oversees a number of ministries that engage with the wider community, and each of these has a community of its own which enriches and extends the RDPC fellowship.

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